Three Guys Photography, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

I've been hooked on taking pictures since my first shot with a Kodak Instamatic. I eventually learned about exposure, lighting, and composition with my first 35mm film camera. The brave new world of digital photography may not involve hours in a lab filled with chemicals, but many of the lessons learned with film still apply today. I enjoy getting to know our clients and working on all the different projects. If you would like to see more of my work check out the links by my name.

Wayne Weatherred

Three Guys Photography, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

I always enjoyed taking pictures as a kid but when I took photography classes in high school and joined the yearbook staff I really discovered my passion for photography. That passion has stayed with me through the years and I have rarely traveled anywhere or attended an event without a camera in hand. I look at the world around me and see photographic opportunities where other people might see common objects. I enjoy taking pictures of anything and always look forward to a new opportunity to help someone capture their special moments through photographs.

Wendell Hanson

Three Guys Photography, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Blubonnets

Three Guys Photography is located in Dallas Texas. We serve the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. We are Lifestyle Photographers and can shoot a variety of portraits in various styles and settings to help your family capture the memories life's changes bring. We meet with our clients prior to each session to learn about them so we can incorporate their style and personality into the session.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality images and product possible. We constantly strive to improve our photographic skills through training opportunities, seminars, and conferences. We also work with other photographers desiring to advance the art of photography.

Please view our Portfolio for current examples of our work and to see some of the many products we offer. We look forward to helping create memories your family will cherish for a lifetime.

While our primary business is portraiture and event photography, we are skilled at many other type of photography. We gladly accept opportunities to help fulfill any photography needs. Please view our Galleries for examples of our other photographic work. If you come to us with a specific photographic need, we are more than happy to discuss the work and come up with a plan.

Three Guys Photography, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Portraits

We view the money you spend to capture and preserve your family's life changes as an investment. Our pricing structure is designed to make that investment a reasonable one. We charge a session fee and offer prints at an affordable cost after you choose which pictures you would like to be processed.

We encourage you to order prints for your extended family and close friends. We believe these special moments you have chosen to capture should be given as gifts for those you love and appreciate. We have no minimum purchase requirements and we don't put together a bunch of packages that often contain prints in sizes and quantities you don't want or need.

We won't pressure sell you either. We will gladly meet with you and discuss your proofs. This can be a very informative discussion, both for you and for us. We don't require you to meet with us though and we give you a generous amount of time to decide which proofs to have processed.

We want you to preserve your family's memories and give you the opportunity to share them with others for a reasonable cost. Please view our Pricing information for more details.

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